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terça-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2018


2023 - 
April 8th: presentation of the book Sexualidades nas Artes, a cena obscura and of the MSTsite (Manifestações of Sexuality in Theatre) at Teatro da Trindade - Salão Nobre, 3 pm

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 2021/2022 - Conferences Cycle


 Aesthetic, ethical and political effects and consequences of aesthetic, ethic and political order


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2021 – Launch of the 2nd Edition of the Book João Garcia Miguel e a Transificação do Corpo, with a chapter on Sara Ribeiro,by Bruno Schiappa, on paper, edited by CJGM, in the Trace Collection


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2020 - International Conference 


Publishing of the  EBOOK João Garcia Miguel e a Transificação do Corpo, com um capítulo              sobre Sara Ribeiro, by Bruno Schiappa

2019 Conferences Cycle


In the course of research financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology, Bruno Schiappa and the Center for Theater Studies organize a cycle of conferences at national and international level, on the theme of the aesthetic, ethical and political effects and consequences of manifestations of sexuality in the performing and visual arts. The cycle is hosted by Teatro da Trindade and is also supervised by Fernando Guerreiro, scientific consultant (ULisboa), and Maria João Brilhante, director of the Center for Theater Studies (ULisboa). Admission is free.



 9th October 2019

 ©Joana Correia

 Bruno Schiappa[1]: the deconstruction of the genre in the version of João Garcia Miguel of The House of Bernarda Alba. From the performance of João Garcia Miguel, Bruno Schiappa will speak about the issue of genres and their representation on stage 
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6 th November 2019:

© Diego Sanchez 

João Pedro Rodrigues[2] Eroticism and fantasy in the triad The Phantom, Odete and Ornithologist, by the filmmaker. In a conversation with director João Pedro Rodrigues moderated by Bruno Schiappa, with excerpts from the 3 films, the themes of (homo) eroticism and fantasy in the selected triad

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4 th  December 2019:  

©António Gamito 

Elmano Sancho[3]the link between exposure and total visibility of pornography and contemporary society. From the events surrounding the death of the American citizen Eric Garner that gave rise to the I Can not Breathe movement and which were the starting point for his show, Elmano Sancho will talk about the construction process and the issues that the motivated to create I can not Breathe, which won him an APCT award for best performance
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8th January 2020:  

©Estelle Valente 

Sara Carinhas[4] ​​the theatrical gesture and body in the performer's work. From his work on the shows The farce; Orlando; The uninhabited look of the mornings; The maids and Paradise, will be conducted a conversation about the theatrical gesture and body as privileged tools in the work of Sara Carinhas as a co-creator
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5th February 2020:

Olinda Kleiman[5]Saying as if not saying - sexual misconception in the Vincentian theater. Olinda Kleiman will analyze the mechanisms of verbalisation and staging of sex and sexuality in the Vincentian theater, reconsidering the text and the performance, which is based on a more playful and theatrical perspective than what criticism generally acknowledges, taking into account the cultural habits of an era and the play of complicity between author, actor and public, reinforced by the process of collective reception: a whole process in which laughter is shared, guaranteeing the theatrical word its spectacular.
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[1] Integrated Researcher in CET, Director, Actor, and Playwright
[2] Director and Screen Writer
[3] Director and Actor
[4] Director and Actor
[5] Professor and Director of CREPAL – Centre de Recherches sur les Pays de Langue Portugaise – Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris.

Practice as Research

- Prison Fantasies * (theatre play)- Written  and directed by Bruno Schiappa, in response to a request for collaboration at a training course for Actors, which functioned as a laboratory suitable for practice as an investigation, and in which I applied various perspectives of the concepts of psychoanalysis by Freud (unheimlich - the disturbing, the strange-familiar or the disturbing strangeness), Jung (genetic memory) and Segal (fantasy). It was presented to the public on June 19, 20 and 21, at Chapitô, with a talk with the audience at the end about the effects of the spectacle on the spectator and the actors.



Digital Resources

- Building and update of the site in the fields reserved to bibliography and insertion of the stages of the investigation

- Appeal to online surveys, drawn up in the framework of the investigation. Survey of viewers and creators, versions in Portuguese, English and French, aiming at the internationalization of research. 

 Bruno Schiappa

Supervision: Fernando Guerreiro, scientific consultant (ULisboa) and Maria João Brilhante, Director of the Center for Theater Studies (ULisboa)